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Frequently Asked Questions



Why Guyton/Forge? 

Guyton/Forge is Guyton Group and Forge Financial.

We are two businesses sharing one roof in beautiful Portsmouth, NH and many of the same resources, all designed to offer our clients a depth of knowledge, skills, and strategic financial advice. The two entities are family-owned and operated by father and son, Joe and Andrew Guyton. 

Joe specializes in serving retirees and business owners typically 50+ years of age who are interested in business exit planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and life & disability insurance planning.

Andrew specializes in serving individuals, families, and business owners typically 30+ years of age and interested in high-touch financial planning, cash flow planning, retirement planning, estate planning, life insurance planning, and disability insurance planning. 

Our collective goal is to build a lifelong relationship with you and create financial flexibility and security – now and into your future. Contact us for help with any level of financial planning, family wealth-building, business exit strategy, retirement planning, life and disability insurance choices, tax strategy, legal decisions.

How long have you been in business?

Going on 36 years! Inspired by his father before him to establish his own business, Joe Guyton started the Guyton Group in 1986, and Andrew joined the ranks in 2014, establishing the Forge Financial side of the business partially in response to Covid – where he saw individuals and young families in mounting need of strategic financial guidance. Today, Guyton/Forge continues to live up to its long-standing reputation and track-record for helping people from all walks of life move confidently toward financial independence and security. People like you.

Who are your clients? 

Our clients are everyone: Family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs; Retirees and those preparing for retirement; Clients experiencing significant life changes; Professionals and their families; and Multi-generational families. 

What certifications do you hold? 

Certified Business Exit Planner (CExP™)
Accredited Estate Planner (AEP®)
Retirement Income Certified Planner (RICP®)
Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®)

Where are you located? 

Guyton/Forge is located on the scenic Seacoast of New Hampshire, open Mon-Thurs 9am-5pm. 

One New Hampshire Ave
Suite #122
Portsmouth, NH 03801. 
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Tel. (603) 766-9200
Email: [email protected]

Are you involved in the community? 

Yes! We are dedicated to helping our local community in every way possible through the Guyton Group Charitable Foundation which allows us to give back to the community that supports us.

Our team believes in a philosophy of abundance, and every day we work hard to help people maximize their wealth and enjoy their blessings. However, there are still many others in need and it is our responsibility to support local organizations that have a direct and lasting impact in our area. 

The Charitable Foundation allows us to do just that. We are involved with Veterans Count; Veterans Martial Arts Training; Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity; New Generation Shelter and Support for Mothers and Children; Cross Roads House; New Heights; St. Theresa Church; and our Guyton Group Golf Tournament is in its 6th year, having now raised $100,000+!


Our Services

Do you have an account minimum?

No, we do not have an account minimum. We prefer to work with clients where we believe we can add value regardless of account size.

How do you get paid?

We can work on a flat fee basis, asset under management basis, or commission basis depending on the strategy our clients prefer.  Learn more about our Fee Structures.

Do you work with small or large businesses?

We work with businesses ranging from the start up phases all the way through business exits regardless of size.  Our customizable approach allows us to cater to the client needs we are presented with.

Do you do taxes?

We do not populate tax returns, but we have a network of professionals that we can connect you to so that you find someone who fits your needs

Do you do Web Meetings?

We are licensed all over the country, so we are able to meet via the web or in person depending on client preferences.

When should I start exit planning?

The most effective exit plans start 5-7 years before desired exit date in order to allow for optimal planning.

How do I derive an income for my accumulated savings?

An effective income plan recognizes which assets to deploy or defer. It also considers both efficient tax and risk planning.

What are the fees for exit planning?

Fees are based on the scope of the work and complexity of the plan.

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