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If you find yourself checking your bank account, scratching your head, and wondering, “where does it all go?” – Cash Flow Planning is for you.

No matter how much or how little you have today, it should be your choice when and how to put your money to work. You shouldn’t be perpetually worried that you won’t have enough as you age and you shouldn’t feel like you will have to work forever to fund your lifestyle.

Cash Flow Planning is a service we offer to help you develop and maintain good savings patterns over the long term, find new passive income sources as you go, and more efficiently find your path to financial freedom. 

The idea is to save for your future without sacrificing your fun.

How Cash Flow
Planning Works

Install Simple
savings systems.

Set monthly cash
flow targets

Build new passive
income streams.

Capture raises and
put them to work

Know when you hit

Decrease reliance
on your paychecks

Access up-to-date
account information
on the app.

Make the most of
the money you work
hard to earn.

Meet Andrew

Forge Financial’s Principal & Founder Andrew Guyton has worked with numerous clients month over month and year over year to make the most of their savings strategies.

Andrew Can Help You Answer Questions Like…

Is Cash Flow Planning right for me?

What else should I be doing in addition to Cash Flow Planning?

Do I have enough money to make the most of Cash Flow Planning?

And more +

Andrew Guyton

Principal | Forge Financial

[email protected]

Read Andrew’s Bio

Ever since Andrew was a kid, he had a knack for savings money and small businesses.  He started from humble beginnings selling paperweights made from rocks and lemonade in his front yard.  His passion for business grew into a lawnmowing service and his entrepreneurial spirit grew from there.  Given his knack for business, Andrew also became a good saver at a young age, influenced by his father Joe who owned a financial planning business.  As Andrew moved through life, his drive to be a business owner coupled with the habits he learned around money at a young age catapulted him into the financial planning business, and the rest is history.

Andrew started his practice in 2012 in Boston MA after working in the tax department at Liberty Mutual.  Andrew’s practice quickly grew, and so did his family.  In 2014 he married his wife Jenn, and they moved to New Hampshire where they settled on the Seacoast and now have 3 children, James, Claire and Owen.  At that time, Andrew and his father Joe combined forces and branded The Guyton Group.

Andrew enjoys sharing with his clients not just what financial planning options are out there, but most importantly how they can be part of a larger strategy to put his clients in a position of strength so they can work through whatever life throws their way.  Andrew works to deliver a cohesive strategy across many disciplines in the financial planning space so that his clients feel confident that they are protected and taking advantage of opportunities. 

 Andrew earned his BS in finance from Providence College and is an alumnus of Governor Dummer Academy.  He was named 4 under 40 by the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors in 2018 and also recognized as a qualifying member of the Guardian Leaders Club, Executive Club, Presidents Council, and Centurion club.  He serves on the board of director for the Seacoast Chapter of Veterans Count and takes pride in supporting the military in his community where he hosts a charity tournament since 2018 with the proceeds going to Veterans Count. 

In his free time, he enjoys time with his wife and children, playing golf, working in his yard and watching airplanes.  Andrew loves meeting new people and spirited conversation around football.  

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