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Will you have enough money to retire comfortably?

Joe Guyton shares his tips for achieving the retirement of your dreams.

Joe’s latest article, published in the New Hampshire Business Review last month, gives some terrific guidance for knowing what you’ll need to retire comfortably.  You’ve likely thought about what you’ll do in your retirement, whether that’s traveling, enjoying leisurely days on the golf course, or buying a second home somewhere warm to escape the freezing New Hampshire winters. But have you thought about how you’ll fund this lifestyle?

In this article, Will you have enough money to retire comfortably?  Joe Guyton walks through these tips to guide you through this process:

• Know the difference between retirement income planning and retirement planning.

• Start early. It’s wise to start as early as age 25 or 30 by adding to your savings account and participating in a 401(k).

• Determine how much money is “enough.”

• Have a guaranteed income stream.

Read the full article here:  https://www.nhbr.com/will-you-have-enough-money-to-retire-comfortably/

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